Children at Doumailhac

These are just a few of the things that children can do at Doumailhac
1. Climb a tree,
2. Camp out in the wild,
3. Build a den,
4. Run around in the rain,
5. Fly a kite,
6. Go on a really long bike ride,
7. Make a trail with sticks,
8. Make a mud pie,
9. Play in the snow,
10. Make a daisy chain,
11. Set up a snail race,
12. Create some wild art,
13. Visit a farm,
14. Go on a walk barefoot,
15. Make a grass trumpet,
16. Go star gazing,
17. Hold a scary beast
18. Hunt for bugs,
19. Catch a falling leaf,
20. Track wild animals,
21. Make a home for a wild animal,
22. Go on a nature walk at night,
23. Go bird watching
24. Find your way with a map and compass,
25. Cook on a campfire,
26. Learn to ride a horse.
Or they can just play in the pool!